About Us

In 1995, a group of four wood boat owners, got together to form the newest chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society.

Rich Baratha, Bob Otto, Les Demaline and Jack Lynett met at the Holiday Inn in Montose to draw up the documents which would permit the new chapter to chart its course in the boating world.

At Skaneateles, NY during the spring quarterly directors meeting of the ACBS, the proposed idea was presented and approved; and within 2 months, NCO held its first boat show at Spitzer Marina in Lorain, Ohio. From then on, the chapter grew rapidly.

The love for vintage boats fueled the growth of our events. Over the years we have organized many boat shows, workshops, rendezvous, cruises, social gatherings, and our monthly board meetings. NCO also has helped grow youth activities such as model sailboat building & racing.

Since the beginning, NCO has always been one of the most active and involved chapters in all of ACBS. Several of our chapter’s board members have also been involved on the international ACBS board. The continued growth of our chapter is evident as we were recognized as the chapter with the highest percentage of member growth in 2014.

The future looks bright as new members move into positions of leadership, more boats get restored and preserved, and the next generation of vintage boat enthusiasts learn about this fun hobby/lifestyle.